2016 Estate Roussanne  18.00

100% varietal. 

Crisp with notes of pear and fresh herb.

Reminiscent of Brut Champagne (without the bubbles).

2019 Estate Primitivo Rosé  18.00

100% varietal.

Traditional dry rosé.

Notes of cranberry, mild tannin.

2014 Estate Tempranillo  20.00

100% varietal. 

Medium-bodied with hints of plum, fig, and tomato.

Smooth finish, lingering tannin.

2017 Estate Sangiovese  24.00

100% varietal. 

Ruby red with bold tannin.

Distinct notes of cherry and hints of winter spice.

2015 Estate Negroamaro  24.00

100% varietal. 

One of the world's oldest varietals of wine.

Medium-bodied and fruit forward.

 Tannin mid-palate with a spiced finish. 

2014 Estate Malbec  24.00

100% varietal. 

Deep purple in color, full-bodied and silky.

 Medium tannin with red fruit notes.

Well-balanced across the palate.

2015 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 24.00

100% varietal. 52 months barrel aged.

Full-bodied with medium tannin.

Taste the true characteristics of California’s most popular varietal of wine.

2015 Estate Primitivo  20.00

100% varietal. Barrel aged. 

Old world varietal.

Fruit forward with medium tannin and a peppery finish.

2014 Estate Zinfandel  20.00

100% varietal. Barrel aged. 

Taste the true characteristics of the classic California Zinfandel.

Peppery and bold.

Cordi Family Vino Rosso  24.00

A blend of our estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Primitivo.

Full-bodied, bold, and smooth.


Grown and vinted at the base of the Sutter Buttes, our estate wines bring an old world style to Northern California. Rooted in volcanic soil, our vineyards produce some of the world's oldest varietals of grapes. All but one of our wines are 100% single varietal allowing the true character of the grape to shine. The exception is our Cordi Family Vino Rosso, a wonderful Primitivo and Cabernet Sauvignon blend. 

2015 Estate Negroamaro Award

2021 Awards

Cordi Family Vino Rosso Red Blend


San Francisco Chronicle

2019-2020 Awards

2014 Estate Tempranillo


California State Fair

2017 Estate Sangiovese


California State Fair

2015 Estate Negroamaro


California State Fair

San Francisco Chronicle

2014 Estate Malbec


San Francisco Chronicle

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